Behavioral Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Areas of focus include working with individuals who struggle with trauma/PTSD, eating disorders/body image issues, co – occurring disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, adjustment disorders, depressive and anxiety disorders.

Although I have an extensive skill set and education, what I prioritize first and foremost is meeting each and every client where they are and treating them as an individual rather than as if they were a textbook case. I believe it is imperative to develop a relationship so that my clients work toward feeling safe and secure enough to express themselves and be truly vulnerable.


The entire premise of therapy is based around decreasing suffering and improving quality of life, what else could be more rewarding than helping someone to achieve this in their lives? It is an honor to be granted the opportunity to be a part of each and every one of my client’s journeys. Providing a safe, nonjudgmental place for my client to be open and vulnerable is one of my missions as a therapist. Each client is treated with acceptance, empathy, and unconditional positive regard, however this involves being challenged in various emotional ways—for that is where the change is.


Family is the most important thing in this world to me. In fact, my partner and I recently moved from sunny California to be near family (plus we are avid Badger fans and really enjoy cheese). I have a variety of interests, several of which involve being active and outdoors, such as kayaking, hiking, playing various sports; and several which are much more relaxed, such as reading, playing board games, scrapbooking and crafts.

Verbalizing feelings can have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain. Therapy can help handle emotions related to stressors or problems even if they are not dramatically life-altering or traumatic. Therapy is well-known for its problem-solving techniques and provides an opportunity to look at problems in a different way. Therapy can help enhance communication and relationships. Therapy offers the unique opportunity to understand yourself better. Therapy allows us to say things we don’t feel comfortable saying to our friends and family. Therapy provides an opportunity to look at problems in a different way Therapy can be invigorating, like a good workout for the mind and soul.

Peace of Mind Therapy is designed to be unique. From the moment you walk through our doors you’ll feel that difference. We’ve designed our practice to be comfortable and unique, where clients and therapist work together to deliver the best therapy services in Madison.

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If you are suicidal, concerned about sexual or physical or emotional abuse of a minor or elder person please be advised that we are required by law to report such information to the proper governmental authorities, including the police department. (Check this who to report to).  You should not e-mail or call us with regard to such information. You should report your information or concerns to the proper authorities. You can also visit or call the National Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453. If you are suicidal please phone the national prevention line at 1-800-273-8255, call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.

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