I have specific training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, a derivative of the well known Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT has a long term success rate with lots of empirical evidence.


Before I heard of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, (MBCT), CBT felt a little lacking somehow, yet I couldn’t put my finger on why. What I realized was missing was the mindfulness piece of how our thoughts and feelings feel in the body and an awareness of them. What does worry, or happiness, or anger actually feel like in the body? MBCT can be summarized as follows: the goal is not to feel better; it is to get better at feeling. To get better at feeling the difficult feelings, since happy and loved and accepted and confident are the easy ones. What if we got better at feeling sad? Angry? Hurt? Instead of pushing those feelings away or pretending that they are not there, if we let ourselves just feel them, they do eventually pass and we do get better. Our inability to accept the difficult feelings makes them stay stuck. Accepting them (while also not adding to them) will bring us so much freedom.


I see myself as a story collector. I love hearing people’s stories and finding the strength that people have when they are having a hard time seeing it. I also love being able to tell people the truth about who they are, the truth about what they are feeling, and helping them come to terms with accepting their strengths AND weaknesses instead of defining themselves by them. I also love helping people find freedom. Who doesn’t want more freedom?


I lived in Ireland for year in the middle of college and post graduate school, lived in Guatemala for six months.

My name is Nox and I am already your friend! I am a 2 year old blue heeler rescued from Tennessee. My mom named me Nox, short for Equinox, because I am so balanced and zen.

I love people and other dogs and I love UPS trucks and peanut butter almost more than anything. I was rescued by my mom but am known to “rescue” everyone I meet with hugs, kisses, and lots of love. I’m in every session with my mom, giving you a kiss and then working on my 5th nap of the day. Come meet me!

Verbalizing feelings can have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain. Therapy can help handle emotions related to stressors or problems even if they are not dramatically life-altering or traumatic. Therapy is well-known for its problem-solving techniques and provides an opportunity to look at problems in a different way. Therapy can help enhance communication and relationships. Therapy offers the unique opportunity to understand yourself better. Therapy allows us to say things we don’t feel comfortable saying to our friends and family. Therapy provides an opportunity to look at problems in a different way Therapy can be invigorating, like a good workout for the mind and soul.

Peace of Mind Therapy is designed to be unique. From the moment you walk through our doors you’ll feel that difference. We’ve designed our practice to be comfortable and unique, where clients and therapist work together to deliver the best therapy services in Madison.

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