I was specifically trained in Solution Focused Therapy and Functional Family Therapy. My background includes many years of family therapy, particularly families with teens who are struggling. My experience with teens has focused on self- esteem issues, self- harming behaviors, depression, anxiety, gender identity issues and social anxiety. Other specialties include adults with : bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, grief, trauma, and low self-esteem.


I believe that most people could benefit from some type of therapy and that it is beneficial to have someone help you to see the forest for the trees. I think the most important aspect of therapy is simply the therapist-client relationship, making sure that it’s comfortable and honest.


Common types of clients that I help would be teens and young adults. I also work a great deal with those who are seeking a better balance in life (example: a mom who is trying to balance all of the different roles in her life, or a high level professional trying to manage his/her different areas of life.) My former years of private practice in Colorado included a great deal of work with military officers and helping them to handle the stress and trauma of their work, as well as helping them to manage different career decisions.


What I love most about being a therapist is the challenge and variety that each client brings. Every client I see brings a unique experience or struggle and I love being able to have dynamic discussions that challenge both the client and myself. I enjoy being able to research new approaches to help clients and to gain new skills as a therapist.


My personal life includes a lot of time with my husband and two small girls. I love the outdoors and am happiest hiking, gardening, cooking out, or going to the park. Both of my girls were born while we were living in Colorado, so outdoor adventures are part of their DNA.


Something that no one knows about me is how introverted I can be. While I feel very comfortable working with all clients and in the role of my “professional self”, I can absolutely relate to clients who are more introverted in nature and those that don’t thrive in busy social circles. I am most comfortable at home with my family. My experience doing the video shoot for Peace of Mind was terrifying!!!

Verbalizing feelings can have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain. Therapy can help handle emotions related to stressors or problems even if they are not dramatically life-altering or traumatic. Therapy is well-known for its problem-solving techniques and provides an opportunity to look at problems in a different way. Therapy can help enhance communication and relationships. Therapy offers the unique opportunity to understand yourself better. Therapy allows us to say things we don’t feel comfortable saying to our friends and family. Therapy provides an opportunity to look at problems in a different way Therapy can be invigorating, like a good workout for the mind and soul.

Peace of Mind Therapy is designed to be unique. From the moment you walk through our doors you’ll feel that difference. We’ve designed our practice to be comfortable and unique, where clients and therapist work together to deliver the best therapy services in Madison.

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