In an effort to create the ideal treatment program for my clients, I practice an eclectic approach to therapy. My passion and expertise particularly favors Art Therapy. When asked what Art Therapy is, my first response is usually that it is a process versus product experience. It has many applications for different therapists, but for me it’s about the energy and the emotions that get brought to the surface as the artwork is created. It’s about slowing down and fully exploring the creative process while bringing awareness to the emotions the subject matter touches within. When words aren’t easy, aren’t enough or just can’t be found, Art Therapy is a visual language and a beautiful tool for healing.


My intention as your therapist is to hold a safe, nonjudgmental and supportive space for you to explore sensitive issues and find solutions to struggles — to support you on your journey toward a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings. If you are struggling to practice healthy coping in the midst of life’s challenges or you’re simply interested in connecting with your creativity and cultivating wellness, I would be honored to work you. I want to empower you by providing a therapeutic space that serves to both hold your discomfort as well as encourage the discovery and development of your most authentic self. With a non-striving, mindfulness approach we will work together to identify the issues present in your life and set thoughtful intentions for our time together.


I currently work with clients primarily experiencing depression/anxiety, pregnancy/postpartum depression, PTSD/trauma, grief/loss, legal stressors, and adjustment disorders. I gently approach these difficult issues with a combination of traditional psychotherapy techniques and Art Therapy interventions (beneficial and applicable to all ages — from children to seniors). I am honored to work with individuals from all walks of life.


It’s such an honor to sit with clients; to witness their growth as well as grow alongside them. For me, being a therapist isn’t just a profession; it’s a commitment to engage with my community and to lend support and loving kindness to those around me. Witnessing clients cultivate sincere joy and greater self-awareness is inspiring and infectious! It’s that kind of energy that motivates me to hold myself accountable to be a kinder human every day. I am also passionate about the therapeutic process and the ways art can be integrated into that process. Whether creating a collage from magazine clippings, painting on canvas, or doodling in a journal, I believe all art-making helps us connect with our deeper, truer self.

Peace of Mind Therapy is designed to be unique. From the moment you walk through our doors you’ll feel that difference. We’ve designed our practice to be comfortable and unique, where clients and therapist work together to deliver the best therapy services in Madison.

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If you are suicidal, concerned about sexual or physical or emotional abuse of a minor or elder person please be advised that we are required by law to report such information to the proper governmental authorities, including the police department. (Check this who to report to).  You should not e-mail or call us with regard to such information. You should report your information or concerns to the proper authorities. You can also visit or call the National Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453. If you are suicidal please phone the national prevention line at 1-800-273-8255, call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.

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